Lychee Boba Bombs (c) Popping Boba Pearls

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Lychee Boba Bombs (c) Popping / Bursting Boba Pearls

Weight: 1 Pound (16 ounces)

EXPERIENCE - From its authentic origin, Taiwan, our fruit and chocolate flavored Boba Bombs (c) (popping Boba) will give you the ultimate Boba experience! The semi-translucent popping pearls are filled with fruity liquid that bursts in the mouth. Buddha Bubbles Boba Bombs give you a fruit explosion with every bite!

ENDLESS USES - Enjoy Buddha Bubbles Boba Bombs (c) with your milk teas, ice cream, frozen yogurt, cocktails, ice tea, waffles and so much more. Or like me...sneak a spoon full when no one is looking. 

TOP QUALITY - Buddha Bubbles Boba Bombs (c) have a shelf life of up to one year. (Be sure to refrigerate once open). Store unopened product in a cool dry place. And are always made with the best and most flavorful ingredients available.

FLAVORS - Buddha Bubbles Boba offers the most diverse and unique flavor choices of any seller.

GREAT GIFT - Add Buddha Bubbles Boba Bombs (c) or any of our jellies or dessert toppings to our Boba Gift Boxes.

PARTY TIME - Great for birthdays, weddings, gender reveal, graduation, cocktail / dinner parties or office. Kids love them. Make family movie or game night something extra special!